Asia Hub
Asia Hub
CTW has four International Logistics Centers (ILC) which are certified by the Taiwan Customs. Warehouse network covers North, Central and South Taiwan. Bonded goods can be stored for an unlimited period of time in ILC. All ILC sites can easily access to sea ports and airports, and they have become the Asia Hub for many well-known multinational companies.

Car go for other Asian countries can be shipped to CTW ILC in large quantities. The import duties are exempted until they are exported to neighboring Asian countries again.

There are many other advantages can be applied in ILC, for example, autonomous-management, fast bonded customs clearance, low sampling inspection ratio, monthly consolidated report, outsourced processing and testing of bonded goods, etc. CTW can also act as an agent for foreign cargo owners in bonded cargo inbound and outbound declaration. 

In addition to 3PL logistics services, we are also experienced in Supply Chain Control Tower Service (4PL) to provide regional supply chain management service for multinational companies. The service is performed by a professional service team. A 4PL information platform is available for clients to put forward their inquiries online and check shipment status in real time. CTW Supply Chain Control Tower Service includes five major aspects: 
Freight forwarding and routing
  • Ocean / air / land freight planning and integration Express arrangement
  • Shipment scheduling and tracking
Auditing and reporting
  • KPI management for all logistics partners
  • Logistics suppliers auditing and management
  • Workflow and quality monitoring
Supply chain supporting
  • Trading partners communication and collaboration
  • Shipping and customs clearance management
  • Strategic partners sourcing
  • SAP system maintenance; document production, checking and management
  • Exception event reporting and handling
  • Billing, invoicing and financial supporting
Decision making supporting and business intelligence
  • Notice of policy and regulation issues
  • Compliance management
  • Integrated solutions provision
  • Duty &. Taxation consultancy
  • BI analysis and reporting
Forecasting and alarming
  • ETA/ ETD predicting and announcement
  • Inventory / replenishment forecasting and alarming