Work Environment

We belive that satisfactory benefits and friendly working environment can keep our fellows fully engaged in their daily work and meet achievements. We have:

Pay & Rewards

Complete salary scheme and mid-year, year-end bonus, expertise allowance.


Labor Insurance, Health Insureance, Labor Pension Appropriation

Health Care

Regular health check, Doctor consulting, Body-training class, Health seminar, Breast feeding room

Allowence & Benefits

Festivals (Labor's Day, Dragon Boat, Mid-Autumn) , Birthday, Wedding, Funeral, Hospitalaization

Child-Raising Incentives

Maternity Allowance, Child-Raising Allowance, Contracted Day Care Center, Child Scharloship, Maternity Parking Space, 70 Days of Maternity Leaves

Company Events

Anual Outing, Family Day, Contracted Discount Shops, Photo-taking competition, Talent Show Competition, etc.

Learning and Development

We encourge multi-dimensional learning and development to create a company culture of sustainable learning. We assist our fellows to take professional courses according to their position and management. By doing so, not only we could maintain the level of excellent quality, but also continuously increase our fellows' professional competence.

Logistics and Transportation Training

Seasonal internal training for logistics know-how

Expertise Certificate Training

External training programs also help our employees to enrich related professional field, such as toxic material handling, dangerous goods regulation, international trading, EHS, occupational safety and health, etc.

New Emplyee Orientation

Thorough orientation assists new hires to be accustomed to the environment and the job.

Second Language Lesson

Provide lessons of second language to strengthen employees' capability of international communication.

Job Rotation

Encourage employees to grow multi-skills to enrich their career with better flexibility.

Our Daily Captures

Comfortable office environment and regularly hold events make our work-life balanced.