CTW Taoyuan and Airport ILCs have the following advantages to stand out among many 3PLs, and become designated VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) warehouses for many multinational electronic equipment manufacturers.
ILC License
with bonded license approved by the Customs, and can store and manage bonded and non-bonded goods at the same site. The bonded cargo declaration can be performed by monthly consolidation report, which greatly saves time and operation cost.
Geographical location
near Taoyuan Airport, Taipei Port and Keelung Port, and also close to the manufacturing areas. It has the advantages of convenient, fast, and punctual transportation for both import and export operations.
Information connection capability
its own IT department can provides customized interface development for electronic information interface (EDI) with the manufacturer's ERP system. Inbound and outbound orders are automatically forwarded and processed by the system, without manual intervention, which improves the efficiency of order processing And correctness
Digitization of the operation process
the entire inbound and outbound handling process can be performed via RF handheld devices for barcode reading, which increases the efficiency and accuracy of cargo receiving acceptance and outbound QC. Meanwhile, it also provides digital label printing services. In accordance with the rules of different receiving plants. Various labels are produced and posted on individual goods or containers to ensure smooth delivery.
Flexible transportation fleet
facing the high demand from manufacturers for JIT transportation, it provides room temperature, air-conditioning, even refrigerated and frozen vehicles, and competitive customized transportation services according to the characteristics of the delivery route and time period.