EC Logistics Service
EC Logistics Service
CTW provides one-stop service for the EC operaiton to solve the problem of omni-channel logistics. It enables the clients to focus on its core business activities without any worries on logistics.

CTW can fully connect with the client’s (brand) shopping cart system or ERP, and to access to order information automatically via EDI. It greatly reduces the time usage of order receiving meanwhile with high accuracy and efficiency. In addition, it analyzes order types through AI data analysis, configures the most efficient picking system automatically for operations, and introduces automated equipment to increase production capacity, so as to reach flexibly to cope with volume differences in holidays and off-peak. The complicated return processing also uses a systematic process to control the acceptance status of returned goods, and correctly and rapidly reply to the brand owner's return order details to allow brand owners to process refunds more efficiently and accurately, and to improve the quality of customer service.

For the last mile solution of EC logistics, it can support all domestic express delivery and convenience store pick-up operation. CTW has completed EDI connection with systems of major service providers. It and can obtain delivery number and print delivery note in real time, so the warehouse operators can print and paste the delivery notes on site during packaging. This reduces the chance of operating errors and maintaining an excellent of operating quality. Meanwhile, it provides the brand owner's customized cargo status tracking webpage. No matter it is a convenience store order or a home delivery order, the end customer can check the cargo status here at the same time. CTW also provides shipping status message notice service, which it can be set up to send out notice to inform consumers at specific points, such as shipping out of warehouses, goods arriving at convenience stores, etc., in order to enhance the added value of the brand.

CTW's self-developed OMS (Order Management System) provides clients with online ordering, communication and handling of exception cases, real-time inquiry of cargo status, inspection of circulation processing progress, daily inventory reports, safety stock management and other functions. The order status is displayed transparently and instantly online, and instructions can also be communicated directly on the platform to reduce email back and forth inquiries, and increase the efficiency of operations between multiple parties.

For cash collection service of convenient store pick-up and home delivery, CTW regularly provide integrated account statements and remittance operations. This eliminates the time for the brand owner to check logistics and cash flow information.

Not only domestic delivery using Taiwan as a shipping center, it also receives overseas orders, and ships cargo to Hong Kong and Macao. In 2021, CTW established a third-party logistics subsidiary in Singapore, CTW&CSG LOGISITCS PTE. LTD., to provide Singapore EC logistics solutions to for both domestic needs and international needs of Southeast Asian countries.