Medical / Pharmaceutical
Medical / Pharmaceutical
For medical devices, the service CTW provided, not only comply with the GDP and GMP, the actual operation will also be adjusted according to the latest news released by the international organization PIC/S each year, in order to keep up the compliance change and provide a assuring and satisfactory service.
Introduction of Logistics Center
  • Various temperature and humidity storage environment
  • 24 hours temperature monitoring alarm system
  • Cargo receiving cleaning
  • Personnel access control and dedicated operators
  • Pest control
  • Bonded environment
  • Backup Power Generation System
  • Expiration date management, returned goods management, product recycling and disposal
  • Labeling, adding Chinese package insert, etc.
Systematic Management
  • OMS, WMS, TMS systematic management
  • EDI Mechanism
  • BI customized management report
  • Whole journey temperature monitoring record
  • Distribution to pharmacies and hospitals
  • Reverse logistics of return goods
  • Night-time, emergency delivery service to hospitals
ILC integrated one-stop service
  • CTW's International Logistic Center allows goods to perform labeling and other VAS under PIC/S GMP standards in a bonded status.