Policy of Ethical Corporate Management and Anti-Corruption

CTW Logistics Corporation and parent company CTW Holdings and its associates seek to realize sustainable corporate development and corporate governance under the corporate philosophy of ethical corporate management. Through the translation of the philosophical idea and policies into action, and the proper fitting with an appropriate remuneration system, viable internal control systems, operation code, and internal audit, the company exercise proper control.


For the proper pursuit of the policy of ethical corporate management and the proactive prevention of unethical practices, the company and CTW Holdings as well its associates shall duly observe the “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles” to establish a mail box for hearing the report and complaints from insiders and outsiders in matters of unlawful (including corruption) and unethical practices. We shall keep all information from whistleblowers in strict confidence, and shall take appropriate measures for the protection of the personal information and privacy of whistleblowers under law.

  • ✔ The personal information you provided, including the name, telephone number, e-mail address, may be used by the company for investigation of the complaints and liaison.
  • ✔ You shall not give false statement with fabricated factual accounts. If the content of a report is eventually found unfriendly or a willful misstatement, you shall be liable for all legal consequences thereof.
  • ✔ You are advised to provide substantive information and documents as far as you can for the completion of investigation and settlement of the problem as soon as possible. If the information and documents provided is not sufficient or incomplete, the company cannot proceed with the investigation.