Automotive Industry
Automotive Industry
CTW has a diversified distribution model and warehousing logistics environment. It has rich experience in automotive industry logistics, regardless for fossil fuel vehicle or electric vehicle industry. It can provide optimized logistic service for all parts and components of vehicles.
RF operation environment
WMS system
  • First In, First Out
  • Assigned batch number for shipment
  • Analysis of order processing efficiency
  • BI customized management report
VMI inventory management
  • EDI connection
  • "Safety Stock" monitoring
Lithium battery and other dangerous goods management
  • Storage and transportation services for chemicals, dangerous goods, toxic substances, etc.
Temperature and humidity management
  • Various types of temperature and humidity control shared storage environment
  • Customized storage environment
Cross Docking
  • The warehouse is used as a distribution docking terminal, and the goods from multiple manufacturers are collected and distributed and delivered immediately.
Milk Run
  • A truck collects products from many different suppliers and deliver them directly to the one destination.
Buyer’s consolidation delivery
  • After the goods of multiple suppliers are consolidated and stored in the warehouse, and the goods will be divided and distributed when the customers have demand for the goods.