About CTW Foundation

Conceived with the notion of “Thanksgiving to the love of parents and feedback to all in the local community,” Mr. John J, Huang, the founder of CTW Logistics Corporation, donated to establish the CTW Culture and Education Foundation in 1998. The foundation seeks to advocate social charity in education and culture, environmental protection and industrial development in conjunction with government resources with a focus on local residents, social groups, environment and industry. It also translates the ideal into concrete and incremental actions to materialize the corporate philosophy of CTW Logistics in “Feedback to society, Feedback to earth.”

The foundation follows the model of business incorporation, thereby instituting its internal code under the principle of “compliance with applicable laws as the top priority” and responding to the requirements of the competent authority as the guidelines of its operation ever since its establishment. The principal business of the foundation has been confined to small amount donations to schools in the neighborhood and local community, and NPO in sponsoring school activities, concerts and sports events, given its limitation of funding budget. It occasionally made donations for emergency relief and aid in disasters, and has offered scholarships for the outstanding students and in support of cultural and artistic creation in the local community. Furthermore, the foundation also sponsored publications in the disciplines of history and geography, and cultural and art events.


Mr. John J. Huang has also donated cash and shares issued by CTW Logistics in his own name alongside the successful corporate development of the company to enlarge the size of funding of the foundation. Accordingly, the foundation has amended its Articles of Association incrementally to broaden its scope of operation. Structured as an integral part of Taiwan for local development, the foundation focuses on the issues of education, culture, and arts and also expresses concerns for socially vulnerable groups, local development, conservation of the natural environment, emergency aid and relief for the needed, humanity and peace, social justice, international friendly exchange, disaster prevention and risk management, and spares no effort to serve the cause of social charity within its capacity.


According to Mr. John J, Huang, the existence of the foundation symbolizes the social responsibility and idea of this generation, which serves as the bridge for communication with the next generation. The result will be an asset for the next generation. The foundation will live up to its founding principle in the future in giving help to those in need and will never do the unnecessary. The foundation shall dare to brave any challenge and difficulty to show the positive value of society in its entirety. In the future, the foundation will align with social change to further commit its resources to social charity in the aspects of culture and education in diversity.

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